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Founded by financial industry veterans with over 100 years combined experience, Reality Shares distills institutional-grade investment strategies into accessible, exchange-traded products that are:


From our first-of-its kind DIVY fund, to ETFs based on our DIVCON™ methodology, we bring financial innovation to market.


All ETF investors can take advantage of sophisticated investment strategies that were once predominately institutional.


Our funds seek to maximize long-term capital appreciation using systematic, rules-based approaches.

New Dividend-Based Strategies

Short-term stock prices are affected by volatility and investor sentiment. We believe dividends are more reliable signals of long-term business health and management confidence in future earnings. Our ETFs seek to position investors to benefit from dividend growth.


First of its kind in the market, DIVY uses dividend swaps to isolate the dividends of large-cap companies from their stock price.

DIVY enables you to invest in dividends as a separate asset class, generating returns based on expected dividend growth, not stock price.*


Using our proprietary DIVCON™ methodology, we rate companies’ dividend health based on seven weighted factors our research shows are correlated with dividend growth.

Each of our three DIVCON ETFs tracks the large-cap companies with the highest-possible rating for dividend growth.**

* DIVY does not generate dividend income, and is not appropriate for investors seeking dividend income. Unlike more traditional dividend ETFs, the Fund does not seek returns based on appreciation in the stock market price of equity securities, return dividend income, or invest in dividend paying stocks.** Past performance does not guarantee future results. While DIVCON methodological factors are correlated with dividend growth, those factors do not cause or guarantee dividend growth.

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