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Reality Shares aims to democratize the world’s best investing ideas through innovative products, quantitative rigor, and a commitment to risk mitigation.

Founded in 2012, Reality Shares was created to serve a range of investors who weren’t getting what they needed from traditional investment products.

We saw institutional investors enjoy success in the markets with sophisticated strategies, which offered exposure to long-term corporate growth while also managing volatility and risk. We believed these strategies had much wider potential, and yet most investors had no access to them.

When Reality Shares brought its first product to market in December 2014—our flagship DIVY exchange-traded fund, which earned us the honor of being named ETF Issuer of the Year—we placed our first institutional-grade investment strategy in the hands of ordinary market investors.

Today, as an innovative asset management firm, ETF issuer, and index provider, Reality Shares continues its mission of offering institutional-grade strategies for ETF investors.

Reality Shares’ management team draws on decades of experience in the financial industry. A passion for long-term wealth creation is part of our company DNA. While every investment involves risk, we seek to take a measured approach to risk while emphasizing wealth protection.

We aim not just to see past short-term volatility and market sentiment, but to mitigate their effect on all our products. The investment intention underlying each Reality Shares exchange-traded fund is driven by market insight, backed by clear strategy, and proven through rigorous analysis and back-testing. We take pride in the financial products we create and the innovative methodologies we use to create them, such as our novel DIVCON™ indexes.

Although our current suite of products emphasizes alternative dividend strategies with liquid structures, we are motivated, above all, by the desire to make better products for investors—regardless of what form those products take.

Recognition for Reality Shares

In 2014, Reality Shares received the New ETF Issuer of the Year from, after launching our initial Fund – DIVY.

Reality Shares executives are regularly sought-after for their expertise to appear as writers and opinion leaders in the financial media, including CNBC, Forbes,, Barron’s, Seeking Alpha, and U.S. News & World Report. To stay up-to-date on our thought leadership articles, visit our Media page, or our blog.

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