Reality Shares DIVS ETF

DIVY is a first-of-its-kind ETF that seeks to deliver long-term capital appreciation based on the growth of dividends, not stock price, of large cap companies.

Investment Objective Fund Strategy Fund Characteristics Fund Risks
The Reality Shares DIVS ETF seeks . . . More The Fund’s investment advisor, Reality Shares . . . More The Fund seeks to produce returns based . . . More The Fund has embedded risks . . . More
Fund Profile Price Information (as of May 31, 2016)
Ticker DIVY NAV $23.60
Total Net Assets $35,506,858.82 NAV Change ($) +$0.00
CUSIP 75605A108 NAV Change (%) +0.00%
No. of Holdings 6 Market Price $23.45
Shares Outstanding 1,504,348 Market Price Change ($) +$0.06
Fund Type ETF Market Price Change (%) 0.25%
Inception Date December 18, 2014 Daily Trading Volume 1,283
Distributions Annual Premium/Discount ($) -$0.16
Expense Ratio 0.85% Premium/Discount (%) -0.67%
Portfolio of Holdings
(as of June 1, 2016)
Bid/Ask Midpoint $23.51
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Quarterly Premium/Discount Chart (More) (as of Q1 2016)
Premium is the amount the Fund is trading above the reported NAV. Discount is the amount the Fund is trading below the reported NAV.

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Month End Performance (as of April 30, 2016)
For the Period 1M 3M 1Y 5Y 10Y YTD Incept.
DIVY NAV 1.69% 1.82% 1.38% N/A N/A 0.47% 4.02%
DIVY Market Price 1.43% 1.17% 1.20% N/A N/A 0.39% 3.80%
Quarter End Performance (as of March 31, 2016)
For the Period Q1 2016 1Y 5Y 10Y Incept.
DIVY NAV -1.20% 0.67% N/A N/A 2.29%
DIVY Market Price -1.03% -0.73% N/A N/A 2.34%
The performance data quoted above represents past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment return and value of the Fund shares will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Performance may be lower or higher than performance data quoted.

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