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Fund Risks

The Fund has embedded risks that all investors should consider prior to investing. Please refer to the Fund prospectus for full risk disclosure and a complete list of all risks. Click on a risk to display/hide the definition:

  • Dividend payout risk;      [+/-]
  • Dividend isolation strategy risk;      [+/-]
  • Dividend volatility risk;      [+/-]
  • New Fund risk;      [+/-]
  • Non-diversification risk;      [+/-]
  • Use of derivatives risk.      [+/-]

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Investing in the Fund

An investment in the Fund may NOT be appropriate for an investor if:

  • You seek investment returns based on appreciation in the stock market price of the Large Cap Securities;
  • You seek investment returns that are correlated to the stock market returns of the Large Cap Securities or equity securities in general; and
  • You seek dividend income.

An investment in the Fund may be appropriate for an investor if:

  • You are seeking potential long-term capital appreciation based primarily on increases in the level of dividends expected to be paid on Large Cap Securities; and
  • You are seeking investment returns that are not directly correlated to stock market returns.

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