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Fund Risks

The Fund has embedded risks that all investors should consider prior to investing. Please refer to the Fund prospectus for full risk disclosure and a complete list of all risks.

As with all investments, the value of your investment in the Fund can be expected to go up or down. You can lose money on your investment, including the possible loss of the entire principal amount of your investment. An investment in the Fund is not a bank deposit and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. The principal risk factors affecting your investments in the Fund are set forth below. Each of these factors could cause the value of an investment in the Fund to decline over short- or long-term periods. Click on a risk to display/hide the definition:

  • Equity risk;      [+/-]
  • ETF trading risk;      [+/-]
  • Index performance risk;      [+/-]
  • Index tracking error risk;      [+/-]
  • Market risk;      [+/-]
  • Investments in other ETFs risk;      [+/-]
  • New fund risk;      [+/-]
  • Non-diversification risk;      [+/-]
  • Quantitative model risk;      [+/-]
  • Sector focus risk;      [+/-]
  • Shares of the Fund may trade at prices other than NAV;      [+/-]
  • Short sales risk;      [+/-]
  • Use of derivatives risk;      [+/-]
  • Guard Indicator lag risk.      [+/-]

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